Useful tips and Information

Each year we work hard to provide a wide assortment of plants to choose from including the traditional favorites along with many new varieties each year. Our goal is to attach lists of nearly everything we will carry in the greenhouses for 2024 here soon. Each year presents new challenges, and we are doing our best to meet each challenge and find a way to overcome them. Please email us if you have any requests to add to our variety lists.


  • Quick PDF lists of the varieties divided into categories with plant, variety, and number of each plant grown.
  • Use as a guide to assist you to plan your garden.
  • Lists are for informational purposes. Please forgive any errors of omission or typos
  • Lists will not reflect sold out inventory or availability numbers due to crop failures.
  • Refer to Plant Library for pictures and details on each plant.

Thank you for experiencing this adventure with us!   

OPEN:  each spring from April 15th to June 30th

HOURS: * Weekdays M-F 9-8  ** Weekends 9 to 5

Special Events will be added!

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