Useful tips and Information

As we adjust to this new style of shopping, we want to provide tools to help you have a comfortable, safe shopping experience. Attached here are lists of nearly everything we carry in the greenhouses.  Each year we try to provide a wide assortment to choose from including the traditional favorites along with a few new varieties each year. This year presents with new challenges and we are doing our best to meet each challenge and find a way to overcome them. Please read over the Spring 2020 Info attachment for information on how we are approaching the season.

  • Read Spring 2020 info sheet
  • Quick PDF lists of the varieties divided into categories with plant, variety, and number of each plant grown.
  • Use as a guide to assist you to plan your garden.
  • Prices are also included on each list.
  • Lists are for informational purposes. Please forgive any errors of omission or typos
  • Lists will not reflect sold out inventory or availability numbers due to crop failures.
  • Refer to Plant Library for pictures and details on each plant.

Thank you for experiencing this adventure with us!   

HOURS: * Weekdays M-F 9-8  ** Weekends 9 to 5

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